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Welcome to the solarschools.net community of schools making a real difference to their energy use.

We now have over 1,500 Australian schools and community facilities connected to the service! They are able to access their energy data for use in the classroom, compare their solar data with other sites and explore what other countries are doing to help reduce their energy bills. There is a detailed energy education area and great energy resources to explore as well as the individual data sets and don’t forget our sister program Schoolgen sponsored by Genesis Energy which contains some great ebooks as well.

So start exploring the world of solar and energy efficiency today!

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Greenhouse Gas Saved
2.5 Tonnes of CO2 produced by a small car anually.
To date the schools contributing to solarschools.net have saved a total of 22941.8 tonnes of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere. This is equivalent to 9176.7 cars driving for 1 year

Solar Energy Generation

Energy generated on 21 Oct 2014
24468.3 kWh generated, 20814.5 kgs CO2 saved
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Solarschools.net total output: 26930100 kWh | 22941.8 tonnes CO2 saved.

Microwaves with display clocks use more energy to power the clock 24/7 than they do to heat up food. If your microwave has got a clock, keep it switched off when you're not using it.
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