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Average daily consumption

10 kWh

Highest producing day.


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Solar system details

Inverter Model:Fronius IG 20

Aspley Special School

Aspley Special School, established 1973, caters to the education needs of students with intellectual impairment. Located in Brisbane Northern suburbs, the school has between 50-60 students who actively partake in a number of environmentally friendly programs. The school is part of a consortium called The Little Cabbage Tree Creek Environment Project which is run in partnership with other local schools and the Brisbane City Council. The school also boasts a major recycling centre, the Kingfisher Recycling Centre, which recycles glass, aluminium, cardboard  and paper, which has been utilized for over 20 years. The latest addition of the solar panels means that the school is generating productive energy and reducing waste.

Live Solar System Properties
Last updated on Thu 22 Feb 2018 10:17PM

Solar Energy Generation

Energy generated on 22 Feb 2018
1.5 kWh generated, 1.3 kgs CO2 saved
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Solarschools.net total output: 51169508 kWh | 43121.0 tonnes CO2 saved.

Electricity Consumption

Note: The school energy consumption displayed represents at least 65% of the schools total consumption in accordance with the National Solar Schools Program requirements.
Driving an average car produces 0.33 kg CO2 per km.
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