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69690 kWh

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Inverter Model:SMA SMC 6000

William Carey Christian School

The origin and nature of William Carey Christian School is linked to the Reformed Church in Holland, which was successful in establishing an alternate system of education to that which was provided by the state. This came about because of the determined efforts of Christian people, who believed that God placed the responsibility for the education of children firmly in the hands of parents.

The first Christian parent controlled school to open in New South Wales was Tyndale Christian School. Following on from its success, some of the families involved in the school decided to open a similar educational facility in the Liverpool area. This was the initial stage of developing what would one day become William Carey Christian School.

On the 9th of February, 1984 the school opened with a total enrolment of four students.

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Solar Energy Generation

Energy generated on 20 Jan 2018
29.0 kWh generated, 25.6 kgs CO2 saved
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Solarschools.net total output: 54135368 kWh | 45661405.3 tonnes CO2 saved.

Electricity Consumption

Note: The school energy consumption displayed represents at least 65% of the schools total consumption in accordance with the National Solar Schools Program requirements.
Heating water accounts for more than 20% of residential energy use in the USA and around 40% of energy used in Australian homes.
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