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Average daily consumption

23402 kWh

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Solar system details

Inverter Model:SMA 4000TL

Toolooa State High School


Toolooa State High School was established in 1981 with 11 teaching staff

and an enrolment of almost 200 Year 8 students.


Today 30 years on, the school is bustling with just under 900 students but

with an enrolment in 2011 of 150, 70 short of Gladstone State High

Schools intake for 2011.


Toolooa State High School offers a curriculum offering a wide range of

subjects and career paths from visual art, dancing and drama, to

engineering, information technology and robotics.


Toolooa State High School sets out to educate and prepare students for

the “real world”. It is committed to their strategic vision, Equity and

Excellence – Shaping the Future.


Toolooa State High School aims to provide relevant and engaging learning

pathways for all students, whilst maintaining a strong focus on academic

achievement leading to further education or the workplace.


The school is dedicated to developing and promoting a shared vision that

will promote and sustain school improvement and enhanced student

learning outcomes, as well as promoting a culture of high expectations

across the campus.


Toolooa State High School has recognised the importance of a positive

public reputation and aims to create opportunities for students to display

and exhibit learning outcomes on public forums. In turn, this will build and

maintain a positive and effective relationship with parents, guardians and

the wider community.


Smooth transition for students between school and further education or

work is imperative. The school aims to improve initiatives to ensure the

progression is as comfortable and smooth as possible for all students. The

school aims to maximise opportunities for students to access work

experience and engage with industry mentors to broaden their horizons.

Live Solar System Properties
Last updated on Sat 25 Nov 2017 6:30PM

Solar Energy Generation

Energy generated on 25 Nov 2017
23.9 kWh generated, 20.5 kgs CO2 saved
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Solarschools.net total output: 54135368 kWh | 45661405.3 tonnes CO2 saved.

Electricity Consumption

Note: The school energy consumption displayed represents at least 65% of the schools total consumption in accordance with the National Solar Schools Program requirements.
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