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Lifetime CO2 Savings


Average daily consumption

4555 kWh

Highest producing day.


Todays CO2 Savings

Solar system details

Date of installation:5 Aug 2009
Inverter Model:Fronius IG 60

Tyndale Christian School

The Association for Christian Education of Blacktown Ltd was formed in 1958 by Christian people of Protestant persuasion. It was their intention to establish a school in which their children would be taught in a manner consistent with their understanding of the Bible. The School opened its doors in Kildare Rd, Blacktown in 1966, with 2 teachers and an enrolment of 32 students. By the end of 1968 the total enrolment was 75 students, and in 1971 the first Tyndale students left the School to attend local secondary schools.

In 1976 Tyndale Christian School ventured into Secondary Education, with planning underway to relocate the school facilities in order to allow for the anticipated growth. In 1979 the school moved to its current site on 58 Douglas Road and the first Year 12 class graduated in 1981.

Live Solar System Properties
Last updated on Sun 24 Sep 2017 6:00PM

Solar Energy Generation

Energy generated on 24 Sep 2017
46.8 kWh generated, 30.4 kgs CO2 saved
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Solarschools.net total output: 47054651 kWh | 39719.1 tonnes CO2 saved.

In SA 1.05 million tonnes of material was sent to landfill in 2005/06 – 70% of this could have been recycled.
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