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The activities have been developed to enhance energy education, and are particularly useful in the outcomes based learning situation. They have been designed to cover a number of curriculum areas and to address Key Learning Areas across the whole school curricular including:

The Sciences, Social Sciences, Health and Physical Education, English, Technology, Creative Arts, Languages other than English, and Mathematics.

Some activities fit best within one subject area, while others are multi-disciplinary.

The concepts of energy, its understanding and management can be easily applied across other aspects of sustainability in the school environment (waste, water and biodiversity).

The scope of the activities is such that it can be adapted by the teacher to reach a wide range of age groups and abilities depending upon the depth of treatment and background information required to be undertaken by the students.

Many of the activities are particularly suitable for use by students within Environmental Education Centres - especially within Energy Efficiency or other sustainable practices courses.

The following activities included in this website are just an example of what is available.

It is important to include activities for all “types” of students to engage their interest - the artist, the linguist, the scientist.

At all levels it is important to bring in aspects of personal safety. Including: being Sun Smart, Using Electricity Safely; and WPH&S issues at senior level.

The activities and curriculum links will help provide educators with relevant resource material and ideas for assisting with the living and learning topics of energy, particularly solar energy in the classroom.

Many topics and activities are easily adapted across subject areas and age groups.

We would welcome your feedback - so if you have any ideas about how our resources can be improved you can contact us here or e-mail at support@solarschools.net.

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