Useful Links

  • The Australian and New Zealand Solar Energy Society
    An organisation to promote social and economic development through the environmentally sound utilisation of solar energy.

  • Bureau of Meteorology
    Information on daily weather around Australia including maps of solar radiation and temperature.

  • Environment Australia On-line services
    A portal site to Australian environmental resources.

  • Environmental Protection Agency (Queensland)
    The government department responsible for the Solar Schools program.

  • Global warming cool it!
    A Home guide to reducing energy costs and greenhouse gases.

  • How Stuff Works
    An easy-to-understand yet comprehensive description of how solar panels produce solar energy.

  • The International Solar Energy Society (ISES)
    A worldwide organization, which aims to encourage the acceptance and use of solar and renewable energy technologies.

  • Key Centre for Photovoltaic Engineering UNSW
    Information about solar technology courses and degrees and the University’s award-winning solar projects.

  • PHOTON International – The Photovoltaik Magazine
    A leading magazine covering solar energy news and issues from around the world.

  • Power for Sustainable Future web site
    Information and activities for Queensland schools on all aspects of energy sponsored by EPA Queensland.

  • PV Portal
    This site lists solar energy developers, manufacturers, suppliers, installers and consultants from around the world. There is a special section listing Australian-based organisations.

  • Rainbow Power Company Ltd
    An Australian company which develops, sells and installs renewable energy systems.

    A US-based solar energy site, which provides news and education services.

  • Sustainable Energy Development Authority
    The NSW organisation responsible for the delivery of Solar in Schools.

  • Sustainable Energy Industry Association
    The main industry body for the sustainable energy industry, the site lists accredited suppliers and installers for all kinds renewable energy systems.

  • Sustainable Technologies International
    An Australian developer and supplier of solar technologies, which specialises in solar energy products, many of which are available for purchase on the Web site.

  • World Solar Challenge
    The Web site for the International solar car/vehicle race held annually in Australia.

  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

  • Energy Information Administraion

  • Integral Energy
    Energy retailer and major sponsor of the NSW Solar in Schools program

  • Department of Energy, Utilities and Sustainability
    The Department of Energy, Utilities and Sustainability (DEUS) promotes the affordable, reliable, safe and sustainable supply of energy and water in NSW. Programs formerly run by SEDA are now a part of this department.

  • Solar Technology Australia
    Australian provider of solar and renewable energy systems and products.

  • Australian Greenhouse Office
    The Australian Greenhouse Office (AGO) is the world's first government agency dedicated to cutting greenhouse gas emissions. The AGO also provides funding support to the NSW Solar in Schools program through its community rebate program.

A medium car emits around 1.1 pounds of carbon dioxide per mile.
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