Power of the Sun

The Sun

The sun has played an important role in shaping our life on earth since the dawn of time. This section of the website provides information about this important resource in the development of man's culture and provides useful ideas to help schools become more energy efficient. There is detailed information about energy as well activities for most of the information on these pages.

Teachers, parents and students can get some help along the way as well.

The Sun

Did you know that all our Energy actually comes from the sun?

What is Energy

If you have the Energy why not find out about its many different forms and its special properties?

Electrical Energy

Did you know that Electricity is a just another form of Energy? To understand what electricity is, you need to know all about atoms and the effect of magnets. Then it is easy to understand how electricity is made and gets to us from power stations.

Non-renewable Energy Sources - Fossil Fuels

Most of Australia's electricity is produced from burning fossil fuels. Did you know that this allows us to have cheap electricity but may be adding to the greenhouse effect and global warming?

Renewable Energy

Using renewable energy sources to provide our electricity could help our environment. Do you know what renewable resources are available to us and their advantages and disadvantages?

Solar Energy

Did you know the amount of solar energy reaching the earth's surface is 6000 times the amount of energy used by all human beings worldwide? Find out all about Solar Heat and Solar Light energy and how a PV cell converts light energy into electrical energy. You can also visit our many solar schools.

Solar Significance

The Sun has affected human culture since mankind first walked on the earth. Many cultures in the past have had sun gods. The sun's origin is part of our own Dreamtime culture. Ever noticed how often the sun is included in our prose and poetry, music, dance and art?

Make A Difference!

How can we change our behaviour with regard to energy consumption and other energy choices, which will help our environment and make a better future? Let's make a difference.

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