Solar Significance

Mexica sun stone / Stone of the Sun

The Sun has affected human cultures since mankind first walked on the earth and has played an enormous role in the shaping of ancient civilisations dating as far back as the Sumerian's five thousand years ago. It has thus played a significant role in the shaping of the human race we are all a part of today.

If we look to our own indigenous culture we see the importance of the sun. Generally they see the Sun as a woman who wanders across the sky spreading light and warmth, taking a long road in summer and a much shorter one in winter. The Sun is comforting like a mother and its rays show them the paths to follow on the mainland.

We have seen the influence of the sun on our lives in the context of scientific discovery. However, it has also had a significant influence on our cultural pursuits including art, music, literature and dance. One of the Sun's greatest influences has been on religious or spiritual culture.

Many of the ancient civilisations had some sort of a Sun god to worship. In the pages that follow learn about the important part the sun has played in our development as a modern social society and continues to influence us today and will into the new millennium.

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