Sun Art

The Sun has had such a big influence over our culture. It even affects our art. Over the years the Sun and art have been irrevocably intertwined. The Sun shows up in many places in our art, landscapes, impressionistic pieces, statues, murals, and quite often on ancient architecture, such as the pyramids, and many more. Some pieces are even dedicated entirely to capturing the Sun on canvas.

The Sun has influenced painters for many generations; from the earliest cave painting to ancient Egyptians and on to the French Impressionists. These painters have long used the Sun's vivid colors seen in the various aspects of the Sun from sunrise to sunset to show the world the glorious impact of the Sun on the landscapes of their beloved countries.

The Sun has inspired many artists to make many beautiful pieces of art. The Sun has inspired many artists to greatness. William Blake's painting "The Great Red Dragon & The Woman Clothed in the Sun" is an example of how the Sun can be indirectly portrayed in art.

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