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Comparing Schools & Solar Systems.

Be aware… there are lots of factors affecting solar panel performance, so comparisons aren’t always as simple as they seem!

Comparison Graph

Use this graph to compare energy data for different schools. You can check out how much energy each school is using, the amount of energy being created, and lots of other cool insights. Try changing the settings below to display different information.

Let’s Head to the Classroom!

We’ve paired the tools on this page with some amazing resources, to help you bring your new-found knowledge to life.

Teacher's Toolkit

Teacher’s Toolkit: Solar Panels Unit Overview (Year 10)

In this unit, students can compare their school’s Solar Systems and come up with possible reasons for output and performance

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Knowledge Bank

Knowledge Bank

Discover facts, figures and interesting info about ebergy, solar and sustainability.

Check out the Bank!

Green Galaxies

Green Galaxies

Take a tour of the Solar Schools universe and see how your school compares with other schools in your galaxy and beyond!

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