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Our exciting Knowledge Bank brings energy to life!

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Get ready for mind-blowing facts and eye-popping figures, as we take you on a voyage of discovery through energy, climate change and the environment. All you need to bring is your brain!

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Where Knowledge is Power!

What's so great about learning facts on energy? Well, by filling your mind with this incredible info, you’ll understand exactly how your actions can make a real difference to the world around you.

The Knowledge Bank will give you the lowdown on things like how to be more energy efficient, what we mean by ‘climate change’, and where our energy comes from. Armed with this powerful knowledge, you’ll be ready to take planet-saving action and make the world a better place for generations to live in!

What's in Store?

Want to know more about what you'll encounter on your journey through our info-packed Knowledge Bank? We’ve got everything from solar power to sustainable transport, recycling to renewable energy!

Climate Change

Our climate is changing – find out what that means for our planet and what you can do to protect its future.


Jump in to the wide world of energy, from all its amazing forms to the simple steps you can take to be more energy efficient.

Renewable Energy

Natural, abundant and environmentally-friendly – discover why renewable energy is here to stay.

Non-Renewable Energy

We've got all the facts on the good, the bad and the ugly of non-renewable fossil fuels.


Living more sustainably is easier than you might think! Check out our fun facts and make a difference today.

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Handy Diagrams

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Awesome Videos

Awesome Videos

Dive into the details and get straight to the core of how things work, with awesome videos!
Handy Facts

Handy Facts

Bite-sized facts show just how fascinating energy and the planet really are. Prepare to be wowed!

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