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Renewable Energy Sources - Ep 4 - Solar Schools
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What is Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy is any natural resource that can replace itself quickly and dependably.

Renewable energy sources are abundant, sustainable and environmentally-friendly – making them a great choice for us humans and our planet!

Unlike fossil fuels, renewable energy sources won't ever run out, as they are constantly replenished no matter how much we use. So while supplies of fossil fuels like coal and oil will eventually be depleted, renewable energy sources will always be there.

Hand holding green planet. Using renewable energy sources has challenges as well as benefits.

What's the big deal about renewable energy?

Renewable energy is important for a bunch of different reasons, such as:

  • It reduces global warming emissions, which makes for a safer, greener environment
  • Renewable energy sources reduce air and water pollution, so are better for our health
  • As there is more work involved in harnessing renewable energy, the industry creates more employment opportunities and other economic benefits
  • Renewable energy helps to keep energy prices stable
  • Being renewable, we have an abundant supply of these energy sources – they're unlikely to ever run out, even in a billion years from now!

The Good and Bad of Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Pros:

  • Stable energy prices
  • Reliability
  • Continual source of energy
  • Low cost operation
  • Job creation and economic benefits
  • Low global warming emissions

Renewable Energy Cons:

  • Vulnerable to weather and other climate events
  • Limited supply of energy
  • High cost of development
  • Require a large space to set up
  • Not available in all areas