$2,000 subsidies for 250 Australian schools

Energy smart, financially smart.

Why Energy Starter?

We know turning off electronics saves power, but how can we see the difference it really makes? We know solar panels generate energy but how can we measure the savings impact? How do you make the invisible, visible?

Solar Schools have been turning invisible concepts, like energy into tangible insights for over 18 years. We've been working with schools to uncover ways they can save on their energy bill and educate their students using real-time data.
For a limited time, we have partnered with Wattwatchers Digital Energy to bring 250 schools our best deal for energy education yet! The Energy Starter Pack provides schools the tools they need to see their energy in real-time at a heavily subsidised price. Not only energy smart, financially smart too!
I'm ready. Let's go!

Here's The Deal

The Energy Starter Pack is limited to 250 schools, each of which will receive the benefit of an Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) subsidy of $2,000, making this the cheapest 3 year deal we have ever been able to offer!

This deal includes an installation subsidy, two smart energy meters, energy data collection, storage and visualisation and online educational tools that can be used in the classroom and for energy management at the school.

You may choose the Energy Starter Pack at the subsidised pricing of $1,097 (ex GST) for a 3 year contract (payable to Solar Schools) or you may choose to take advantage and upgrade into the Solar Schools' Energy Hero Program, saving you even more!

*Terms and conditions apply.

Energy Starter Pack

AU $1,097*

*Only $366 (ex GST) per year over 3 years + any additional costs.

Our data-focused Energy Starter Pack covers the basics for getting started.

  • Two energy meters (3 x 60 amp and 3 x 600 amp CT clamps)
  • Installation subsidy of up to $700
  • Data ownership (agreement to share is part of the T&Cs)
  • School energy profile
  • Display board readiness
  • Energy Starter teaching resources

Energy Hero Program

AU $4,995*

*Only $1,665 (ex GST) per year over 3 years + any additional costs.

The Energy Hero program includes everything in the Energy Starter Pack PLUS extra value.

  • Two energy meters (3 x 60 amp and 3 x 600 amp CT clamps)
  • Installation subsidy of up to $700
  • Data ownership (agreement to share is part of the T&Cs)
  • School energy profile
  • Customised display board readiness
  • Energy Hero teaching resource suite
  • Planet Watch educational app
  • Web widgets
  • Teacher refresher training
  • API end point for direct data access

Not All Schools Are Alike

Some schools will only require the Energy Starter Pack inclusions, while others may require extra metering devices which will include additional costs.


Smaller School Scenario

School A, a medium-sized regional primary school with less than 250 students, signed up for the Energy Starter Pack and received the $2,000 ARENA subsidy. It made the standard co-contribution of $1,097 and no additional costs were incurred. School A has secured smart energy management solutions and educational support for 3 years, worth over $3,000, at a total cost of just $1,097.

Larger School Scenario

School B, a large metropolitan high school with nearly 1,200 students, signed up for the Energy Starter Pack and received the $2,000 ARENA subsidy. It made the standard co-contribution of $1,097, but also incurred additional costs when it ordered two extra smart energy devices (at a total cost of $666), which meant an additional $800 in electrician costs for installation, and further cellular communications and data service fees of $360 for three years. All up, School B received smart energy management solutions and educational support worth a total of $4,875, discounted by the $2,000 ARENA subsidy, which means it paid $2,875 for the 3 year contract.

*Note all amounts quoted are exclusive of GST.

Tell Me More

You don't need a solar system to take advantage of the Energy Starter Pack. The smart energy meters can monitor your grid consumption and one other circuit, like air conditioning or lighting.

The MEM program is subsidised by (ARENA) via a grant. More information can be found on both the ARENA and Wattwatchers websites. Places are limited. The offer is only available to 250 schools across Australia.

Upfront Costs

The total upfront cost to the school includes the cost of the 3-year contract (for either the Energy Starter Pack ($1,097) or Energy Hero Program ($4,995) as well as any additional costs incurred, such as extra metering or excess meter installation costs.

Additional Costs

If installation costs exceed $700 in total, the school will need to cover the excess in addition to the upfront package fee. If your school requires extra smart energy devices (meters), it will also need to cover the cost of the additional devices.

Data Collection

As part of the ARENA program, the energy data is collected from participating schools once the meters are installed. The data, stripped of personal identifying elements, is shared and aggregated within MEM. All energy data collected during and after the minimum 3-year term will remain in a perpetual licence of use to Solar Schools and its program partner, Wattwatchers. This data will be used for purposes such as solution improvement, commercial data product development, and deployment, research, and reporting.

Data Visibility

Schools will have access to their energy data using the School Profile page on our Solar Schools website. School data is collected and stored safely for use in our educational unit and lesson plans. Please visit our Privacy Policy for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions
I'm in! How do I get started?

Submit your details using the contact form on this page and one of our friendly team members will be in touch to confirm your school requirements.

No solar, no problem. We meter your grid energy and one other network, such as air-conditioning.

Extra smart energy meters can be ordered at an additional cost to the school. Additional installation costs for these extra meters will also occur.

The packages are based on a three-year minimum contract. Five-year contracts are also available.

You will own the energy meters and you can continue to participate in the Solar Schools program at the standard cost.

We offer induction and/or online refresher training every 3-6 months. You are welcome to have as many teachers on the training call as you choose. 

MEM stands for My Energy Marketplace. MEM, headed by Wattwatchers, is an energy data hub model that allows consumer energy data to be monitored in real time through smart energy technologies and data visualisation applications, and also remote control of circuits over the internet in some cases. The MEM project has received grant funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).

ARENA Acknowledgment

This Project received funding from ARENA as part of ARENA's Advancing Renewables Program. The views expressed herein are not necessarily the views of the Australian Government, and the Australian Government does not accept responsibility for any information or advice contained herein.