Year 1
All we need is...
Duration: 10 Lessons
Explore and learn what plants and animals need to survive and how the environment they live in allows them to meet these needs.
Year 2
Water for Life
Explore and learn what water means for living things and how they use it.
Year 3
Heat from the Sun
Duration: 10 Lessons + 2 Optional Lessons
Explore the Sun as a source of heat and light for the Earth during daytime.
Year 4
Material World
Duration: 8 Lessons
Explore natural and processed materials and their properties.
Year 5
Light and Solar Energy
Duration: 12 Lessons + 2 optional lessons
Explore and discover how light energy works!
Year 6
Electrical Energy, Energy Transformations and Sources
Duration: 15 Lessons
In this unit students explore how electrical energy can be generated from a range of energy sources and how this energy is transformed in electrical circuits. Students use school and household consumption data to develop their understanding of energy usage and to develop a personal plan to make a difference.
Year 7
Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources
Duration: 12 Lessons
Explore renewable and non-renewable sources of energy, their implications and the forces acting.
Year 8
Forms of Energy
Duration: 10 Lessons
Students explore various forms of energy and use their knowledge of solar to design and build a solar energy car.
Year 9
Energy Transfer
Duration: 10 Lessons
Students explore explore methods of energy transfer as heat and use this knowledge to design and construct a solar hot water system.
Year 10
Law of Conservation of Energy
Duration: 8 Lessons
Students explore how electrical energy can be generated from a range of renewable and non-renewable sources and how this energy is transferred and transformed in electrical circuits.
Year 10
Global Systems and Climate Change
Duration: 12 Lessons + 2 optional
Explore the causes and effects of the greenhouse effect and analyse the relationship between atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide and the average global temperature.

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What's in the Toolkit?

The Teacher's Toolkit contains all the info and resources you need to teach your students about energy, sustainability and more. It's a major time-saver!

You'll find full details of all the topics right here, ready to teach in your classroom. From unit and lesson plans to worksheets and activities – all aligned with the Australian Curriculum and available for Years 1 to 12 – we've got you covered. And with everything in one place, you won't need to go anywhere else!

How to Use Your Teacher's Toolkit

The Teacher's Toolkit has been designed to make it easy for you to guide your students through each of our Curriculum-aligned subjects.

We've also included useful links to relevant website content, so you can quickly access the reference materials you need. Plus, our convenient Lesson Plans can be used as standalone lessons, or as part of the wider unit – the choice is yours!

Let's Break It Down…

Check out the overview of our Unit Plans, Lesson Plans and Student Activities to discover what you'll find in each component.

Unit Plans

Our Unit Plans break down each primary subject into smaller topics, providing you with a clear and comprehensive outline of lessons and learning objectives.

By following the Unit Plan over the course of the Term, your students will systematically work through the subject matter, developing their understanding of each topic and achieving the learning outcomes mapped out in the Plan.

What's Included

  • Purpose (General Capabilities and Cross-Curriculum Priorities)
  • Unit Outline
  • Concepts/Big Idea/Theme
  • Australian Curriculum Content Descriptions
  • Academic Vocabulary Instruction
  • Achievement Standard
  • Teaching Sequence
  • Learning and Teaching Plan
  • Teacher Reflection on Unit Plan

Lesson Plans

Our comprehensive Lesson Plans provide all the information and resources you need to teach students about each topic covered in the subject's Unit Plan.

In each Lesson Plan, you'll be equipped with a detailed topic overview, rationale and details of supporting activities, intended learning outcomes, a list of topic resources, and ideas for how to extend lessons.

What's Included

  • Teacher Information
  • Activity Rationale
  • Learning Alerts
  • Intended Learning Outcomes
  • Required Resources
  • Science Language Used
  • Activity Details
  • Lesson Extension Ideas
  • Safety Guide
  • References

Student Activities

Student Activities make it super-simple for your students to get ‘hands on' with the subject matter.

Using these activities, students can apply what they've learnt in a fun and practical way that furthers their understanding of the topic. Each activity sheet provides clear instructions on the activity inclusions, a list of required materials, questions to check students' understanding, and additional practical challenges.

What's Included

  • Activity overview
  • Materials and equipment list
  • Tables, graphs, diagrams
  • Additional challenges
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