Lesson 2

Research question

Lesson Overview

Research question

In this lesson, students will develop a research question that focusses on a strategy to reduce energy consumption. Students will brainstorm some ideas about usage behaviours as an impact on energy consumption. They will use these ideas to generate a research question.

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Lesson Objectives

  • Brainstorm some ideas about usage behaviours on energy consumption
  • Perform a brief energy audit to rank order impacts
  • Propose a “what is…” research question for further investigation

Evidence of Learning

  • Identify possible impacts on energy consumption in the school
  • Propose a research question

Example Learning Sequence

  • Discuss structure of research question – What is a research question?
  • In groups brainstorm ideas for impacts on energy consumption
  • Perform a mini energy audit to form ideas about greatest impacts on energy consumption
  • Student groups report findings
  • Students pose research question