Lesson 5 & 6

Exploring how human activity affects global systems

Lesson Overview

Exploring how human activity affects global systems

Throughout this lesson series students will be introduced to the greenhouse effect. Students will represent and analyse greenhouse gas data to evaluate whether global warming and climate change are occurring in the world. They will then determine their individual carbon footprints and identify ways that they can help to reduce the greenhouse effect. Students will require ready access to ICT at a whole-class, small-group and individual level.

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Lesson Objectives

Students will:

  • Discuss how human activity has affected the climate and environment.
  • Consider long-term effects of human activity to the climate and environment.

Evidence of Learning

Can the student:

  • Identify at least two changes that have occurred in the environment due to human activity (i.e. rising global temperature, melting of polar ice, rising sea levels, increased ocean acidification).

Example Learning Sequence

  • View TED talk resources listed below to familiarise students with changes to the climate that have resulted from human activity.
  • Class discussion of climate change.
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