Lesson 8 - 12

Making a difference

Lesson Overview

Making a difference

Throughout this lesson series, students will be encouraged to use the knowledge learnt during the unit to develop ideas for how they can help to reduce climate change. Students will require ready access to ICT at a whole-class, small-group and individual level.

ACS Codes


Lesson Objectives

Students will:

  • Research ways in which they can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce global warming and climate change. These ideas and strategies can be local, national or global.
  • Present their ideas as a written essay, verbal presentation, posters, pamphlets or in any other appropriate format.

Evidence of Learning

Can the student:

  • Clearly articulate their views about the greenhouse effect, global warming and climate change.
  • Explain the science behind why these processes are occurring.
  • Present a persuasive argument for people to adopt their chosen strategies and subsequently reduce climate change.

Example Learning Sequence

  • Discuss different presentation methods for educating the wider population (i.e. videos, articles, websites).
  • Investigate different ideas and strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, global warming and climate change (student directed).
  • Design presentations and deliver to the class.