Lesson 3 - 4

The Sun

Lesson Overview

The Sun

Throughout this lesson series, students will be investigating how the Sun provides the Earth with heat and light. Students will look at how the Sun affects the Earth and how conduct experiments to examine this. Students will be introduced to the term sustainable and will explore how solar energy is sustainable. Students will examine what solar panels are and how they are used to convert solar energy into electrical energy.

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Lesson Objectives

Students will:

  • Discuss how the Sun is a giant star in our solar system, supplying the Earth with light and heat.
  • Describe how the Sun's light and heat allows plants and animals to survive.
  • Describe the Sun's effects upon the Earth e.g. water cycle, light to see, solar energy, global warming, melting, makes things hot.
  • Conduct an experiment to investigate how the Sun's energy causes water to evaporate.

Evidence of Learning

Can the student:

  • Identify the Sun as the Earth's primary source of heat and light.
  • Explain how the Sun effects the Earth in different ways.
  • Conduct an experiment to investigate how the Sun causes water to evaporate.

Example Learning Sequence

  • Discuss the Sun's ability to provide the Earth with light and heat.
  • List the different ways the Sun affects the Earth.
  • Conduct an experiment where they use the heat from the Sun to evaporate water.
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