Lesson 4

Exploring materials II

Lesson Overview

Exploring materials II

Throughout this lesson series, students will be introduced to solar panels and the materials they are made of. Students will investigate what materials have been used in the construction of a solar panel and why they have been selected. Students will investigate what materials would be suitable as solar conductors.

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Lesson Objectives

Students will:

  • Compare observations with predictions about the properties of materials.
  • Compare and discuss their interpretations about material properties with others.

Evidence of Learning

Can the student:

  • Identify differences between observations and predictions.
  • Make conclusions about the properties of materials from the results of simple tests.
  • Justify their conclusions to others.

Example Learning Sequence

  • Review results from previous lesson.
  • Students compare predictions with observation table.
  • Students try to explain any differences.
  • Students present their findings to others and reach a consensus view about the description of the properties of materials.
  • Discuss reasons for differences (fair testing, measurement, opinion).