Lesson 1

Exploring light energy

Lesson Overview

Exploring light energy

Throughout this lesson series students will be introduced to the concept of light energy and will investigate sources of light. Students will identify where light energy is used in their everyday lives. Students will learn to draw representations of light through the use of ray drawings. Students will conduct experiments about light and its effects.

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Lesson Objectives

Students will:

  • Explore the concept of light energy.
  • Describe how we use energy from different light sources in everyday life eg. DVD players, Grocery store checkouts, Digital cameras, Images used in hospitals, Laser eye surgery.
  • Investigate the amount of light energy they come into contact with during the day.

Evidence of Learning

Can the student:

  • Explain what light energy means.
  • Explain why and how different sources of light energy are used in everyday life.
  • Identify the different forms and sources of light energy used throughout their day.

Example Learning Sequence

  • Define the meaning of light energy.
  • List the sources of light energy used in everyday life.
  • Conduct an audit of their use of light energy used throughout the day.